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Labor Law

  • Filing of and follow-up for actions for notification, severance, and reinstatement;
  • Filing of and follow-up for actions for mobbing and compensation for bad faith damages
  • Granting and calculation of overtime pay and annual paid leave;
  • Providing consultancy services for points to consider in terms of occupational health and workplace safety;
  • Providing consultancy services for the protection of the rights of the employers and the employees;
  • Drafting agreement formats in line with the applicable legislations;
  • Follow-up actions for injury, death, and incapacity of the employees
  • Strict liabilities of the employer against the employees and third parties;
  • Rightful termination of the contract of employment due to reasons such as underperformance, financial reasons, and similar reasons thereof;
  • Follow-up for actions for fixing of period of service;
  • Filing and follow-up for claims for damages and criminal proceedings arising out of occupational accidents.

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