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Coşkun Law and Consultancy has been operating in Istanbul since 2007 mainly in the fields of Sports Law, Law of Foreigners, Real Estate Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Insurance and Compensation Law, Labor Law, Health Law, Personal Data Protection Law, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. Our office offers both consultancy and litigation services with its expert team.

As Coşkun Law and Consultancy, we closely follow the developments in our country and in the world with our expert team in order to provide high quality service to our clients we represent. Thus, we adapt to the rapidly changing world and strive to anticipate all risks that may arise against our clients, before the risk arises. As a team, we are dedicated to developing our services in line with the changing needs of our clients and providing innovative and quality services.

As Coşkun Law and Consultancy, we would like to emphasize that the architect of the success we have achieved as of today is the trust placed in us by our wide client portfolio from all sectors and our qualified and diligent work performance based on this trust.