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Urban Transformation, Construction, and Real Estate Law

  • Providing urban transformation consultancy to building and site managements as well as construction companies and contractors;
  • Carrying out inquiries and investigations as well as due diligence for the current status before Title Deeds Registry Offices, Municipalities, Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization, and other relevant organizations throughout the process;
  • Participating in legal meetings of the building property owners throughout the process;
  • Obtaining survey reports for hazardous buildings and raising objections to such reports whenever deemed required;
  • Drawing up Building Consensus Protocol on behalf of building property owners;
  • Filing for any necessary actions in administrative courts against the administrative acts of the administration whenever deemed required during the process;
  • Carrying out negotiations between the construction companies and building property owners prior to drawing up an agreement;
  • Drawing up contracts for granting construction rights in return for flat;
  • Providing counselling for obtaining assessment reports licensed by SPK (Capital Markets Board);
  • Filing applications for rent allowance for building property owners and moving out allowance for tenants;
  • Filing loan applications for urban transformation where loan interest support is granted for building property owners and tenants;
  • Filing necessary applications and follow-up for sales procedures for 1/3 minority shares;
  • Following the execution of contracts for granting construction rights in return for flat, filing for any necessary actions (actions regarding late delivery, defective construction, deficient manufacture, manufacture in breach of zoning and construction project, settlement problems, any kind of actions of claims for damages arising out of any breach of contractual obligations) for the resolution of disputes arising out of these contracts before the competent courts;
  • Filing for actions for the disputes arising out of excess construction and unjust construction;
  • Filing for the resolution of disputes arising out of establishing a mortgage, cancellation of mortgage, and restricted real rights;
  • Drawing up purchasing and sales agreements;
  • Follow-up for actions for severance of joint tenancy;
  • Drawing up lease agreements;
  • Filing for the resolution of disputes arising out of lease agreements;
  • Filing for actions for title deed registration;
  • Filing for actions for the annulment of title deeds;
  • Other disputes regarding real estates.

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