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Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

  • Filing for and follow-up for any kinds of execution proceedings;
  • Enforcement actions;
  • Filing for and follow-up for lawsuit for overdraft checks;
  • Follow-up for liquidation of mortgage and pledge claims;
  • Follow-up for collection of claims for bill of exchange, alimony, rent, proceedings without judgement;
  • Follow-up for criminal actions as per Enforcement and Criminal Law;
  • Follow-up for bankruptcy and suspension of bankruptcy cases as well as bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Follow-up for actions for annulment of objection and rescission of objection;
  • Filing and follow-up for negative declaratory and restitution actions;
  • Follow-up for actions for breach of receivership;
  • Filing for objections against debts and execution proceedings;
  • Filing and follow-up for actions for rescission of objection and annulment of objection;
  • Execution of protocols for debt liquidation negotiations and settlement agreements by and between the client as debtor or creditor and the counter party;
  • Actions for recovery of property.

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